Welcome to My Climate Change News!

My Climate Change News is a repository of articles and information on climate change. Users can search a database with over 100,000 articles from over 1,000 organizations, have emails of recent articles sent to them on a periodic basis, look at trends related to climate change, and learn about climate science. In addition, users can contribute to the site by submitting URLs of either articles to include or web pages with links to multiple articles. Key Features:
  • Over 70 Web pages are searched daily for new articles
    • URLs for additional articles of interested are also added
    • Articles related to climate change topics are marked as such
  • The "Search" page allows for both simple and advanced searching
    • Simple searches are by key word and date range (defaults to the last two days) for climate related articles
    • Advanced searching can be done by organization, article source, category, keyword, etc.
    • In addition, the user can pre-define sets of topics, organizations, and authors
  • Users can request multiple emails to be sent on a periodic basis.
    • For each email the user specifies the selection criteria, a set of topics, a set of organizations, the fields to include, the number of characters in the "summary", and the "sort order"
  • A "Trends" Web page show trends for various climate-related topics (greenhouse gas concentrations, Arctic sea ice extent, etc.) Users can set up their own "dashboard" to show the trends in which they are most interested (planned)
  • A "Climate Science" section provides information on climate science, images related to climate change, and an example of how climate change information could be presented on the Web
  • A curated list of the major climate change topics allows the user to see why each topic is important, what the current status is, how the status is likely to change, commentary about the topic, recent articles, etc.
  • The "Optimist Corner" and "Alarmist Corner" forums outline the major arguments for the corresponding "positions" (in progress)
    • Registered user can comment on the various arguments
There is no charge for using any of the services provided by My Climate Change News, the site will never have any advertising, user data is not tracked, and user information will never be distributed to any third-party person or organization.

Contact: info@chesdata.com