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Title:The age of extinction
Date:6/2/2023 8:17:23 AM

From mining to cattle ranching and soya farming, some of the world’s largest companies exploit the region, though many also claim to be giving something back

CEO: Eduardo BartolomeoMain business: Mining – iron, copper, nickel. Also manganese and goldOwnership: ShareholdersHQ: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Major operations in the Amazon: Carajás, Vale’s iron-ore mine in the state of Pará, is the largest in the world. Vale also controls Mina do Azul (manganese), Mina Onça Puma (nickel), Mina Sossego (copper and gold). It also controls Mina Salobo in Pará, the largest copper deposit ever found in Brazil.

Any links to deforestation, environmental issues and human rights conflicts? Linked to deforestation in a 2017 scientific paper. In 2018 was ordered to repair environmental damage to land in Pará. In 2020 an investigation revealed that Vale had 236 applications registered with the national mining agency (ANM) for mineral exploration in Brazil’s Amazon basin, 214 on Indigenous territory. It withdrew all the applications the following year.

Ways it gives back to the Amazon: Protects more than 800,000 hectares (2m acres) of rainforest in the state of Pará, in partnership with Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade. Planning and design for the mines focused on reducing environmental impact and water use. The company funds extensive health, education, cultural and sports programmes across the region. It runs the Fundo Vale scheme, which supports green businesses and works to restore and protect thousands of hectares of forest. It also funds a research scheme – the Instituto Tecnológico Vale – which studies the Amazon’s biodiversity.

Has announced $2bn (£1.6bn) plans to reduce its emissions. In 2021 announced a “social ambition” programme to work with neighbouring communities.

CEO: Roy HarveyMain business: Mining – aluminium and bauxiteOwnership: ShareholdersHQ: Pittsburgh, US

Major operations in the Amazon: Runs the...

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