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Title:Canada's Climate Villains: the Largest Barrier to Climate Action - Below 2C
Date:6/2/2023 1:30:22 PM

“It’s no accident that in Canada, climate policy after climate policy gets weakened, delayed or killed. It’s because of the actions of a small number of people who are putting their profits ahead of Canadians and the rest of the planet,” says Julia Levin, associate director of national climate at Environmental Defence.

(This post is sourced from the Environmental Defence Canada’s Climate Villains Campaign.)

In the recent launch of its Canada’s Climate Villains Campaign, Environmental Defence exposes seven fossil fuel executives who are making the climate crisis worse. Climate villains are not born that way. It’s a choice. These so-called corporate leaders are plunging the planet into a downward spiral that can only end in catastrophic climate impacts.

Canada’s Oil and Gas industry has long been the biggest barrier to climate action. Despite the harmful impacts that people in Canada and around the world are suffering daily from lack of action, the oil and gas industry continues to rake in record profits that our government supports. We are done taking the blame as individuals. Our window to collectively come together as a collective force is narrow, but is open. The time to push our government to act is now. - Source: campaign webpage

Oil and gas companies want everyday people to believe that we’re driving the climate crisis. In fact, here are the influential players behind Canada’s oil and gas industry who are truly to blame. They play key roles in expanding and financing climate-wrecking fossil fuels, blocking climate action, and spreading disinformation. These villains are more concerned about their profits and wealth than the future of the planet. - Source: campaign webpage

Environmental Defence is inviting readers to “name and blame” the seven villains who are not only turning a blind eye but in fact are adding fuel to the flames of an already burning world. Their decisions and...
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