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Title:New York sinking under its own weight: study

The subsidence is set to exacerbate the impact of sea level rise caused by warming temperatures and the melting of the world's ice caps. The organization Sea Level says water levels around New York are nine inches higher than they were in 1950. The city's government predicts that surrounding waters will rise by between eight inches (20 centimeters) and 30 inches by 2050. The state is spending billions of dollars building sea walls, raising roads and improving drainage to mitigate the risks. But low-lying areas have already felt the brunt of devastating floods caused by more intense storms. Hurricane Sandy in 2012 killed more than 40 New Yorkers, destroyed approximately 300 homes and left tens of thousands of people without power. Hurricane Ida in 2021 left more than a dozen people dead in New York City, many after they were unable to escape flooding basements. Parsons said it was impossible to say when parts of New York will be under water but it will happen. "It's too difficu

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