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Title:UN aims to deliver draft plastics treaty by year's end

In humans, microscopic bits of plastic have been detected in blood, breast milk and placentas. Green groups participating in the talks as observers had mixed rections. Eirik Lindebjerg, global plastics policy manager for WWF, hailed what he called "tangible progress." Beyond recycling "A large majority of the countries have expressed a need for binding specific obligations to end plastic pollution," he told AFP. Others expressed concern about what is to come. "It is clear from this week's negotiations that oil-producing countries and the fossil fuel industry will do everything in their power to weaken the treaty and delay the process," said Angelica Carballo Pago, global plastics media lead for Greenpeace U.S.. "There is still a huge amount of work ahead of us." Beside it's impact on the environment, plastic also drives global warming, accounting for more than three percent of global emissions in 2019, according to the according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Devel

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Date Added:6/4/2023 6:38:29 AM